Felix Pankratz

Selfhosted services

searx (sɜːks) is a privacy respecting metasearch engine. That means it's a search engine for search engines that doesn't try to track you. Find out more about the project here. My own instance is available on searx.theresno.cloud

Invidious is an alternative, privacy respecting frontend for Youtube. Check out the project homepage to learn more, my personal instance is available on inv.theresno.cloud

Gitea is a simple, lightweight git server. Contact me if you'd like to register. My software projects are available there as well: git.theresno.cloud/panki


I've written some software for the Flipper Zero hacker tamagotchi:
A Minesweeper clone, a metronome and a BPM tapper.

An implementation of minesweeper for the linux commandline written in Python 3 using curses. Find the game here.

A web application that some good friends and me developed during the COVID pandemic. Streams any publicly available MP4 as well as Youtube to multiple watchers, keeping them all in sync. I will set up a public demo soon™.